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Telehealth: How We Can Still Help You During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has caused dramatic changes to our everyday life, including the ability to maintain routine or non-urgent medical appointments. But don’t worry. You don’t have to put-off care or getting your questions answered. We are offering Telehealth visits. Just call our office to set yours up.

How Telehealth works

Telehealth — also called telemedicine — enables you to meet with your doctor virtually via the phone or computer instead of our office. This solution is 100% HIPAA-compliant and lets you speak face-to-face as if we’re in the same room together. 

With Telehealth, you can also:

This streamlined was originally created to help expand medical care to people living in remote areas. Today, 76% of hospitals use Telehealth technology, and US employers could save as much as $6 billion a year by making telemedicine technology available to their employees. However, the benefits of Telehealth extend well beyond financial savings.

The benefits of telemedicine

Whether you live close to your doctor or in a rural area, you probably know firsthand that even a routine visit can include wait times of 18 minutes or longer — and that doesn’t even include the time you spend getting there. Telehealth technology eliminates that.

Connecting with your doctor virtually instead of at the office, you can:

Telemedicine is also available to patients of all ages, including those in vulnerable health. That makes it an ideal healthcare solution for everyone, especially when someone can no longer leave their home safely but still requires medical attention.

For additional information on telemedicine or to book your virtual visit, contact Vein, Heart and Vascular by calling (813) 708-8346 or requesting your Telehealth appointment online today.

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