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Echocardiogram Specialist

Vein, Heart, and Vascular Institute

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If you’re having blood circulation issues or dealing with varicose veins, come in to see Dr. Hesham Fakhri at the Vein, Heart and Vascular Institute in Tampa, Sun City, or Wesley Chapel, Florida. If Dr. Fakhri believes your circulation problems are related to the chambers of your heart or heart valves, he might recommend an echocardiogram test. Learn more about this test and treatment options for poor circulation by booking your appointment online or calling the practice.

Echocardiogram Q & A

What is an echocardiogram?

Also known as a diagnostic cardiac ultrasound, echocardiography, or heart ultrasound, an echocardiogram tests the health of your heart chambers, valves, and arteries attached to your heart muscle. It’s a painless procedure that uses ultrasound waves to capture pictures of your heart from different angles. 

Why would I need to get an echocardiogram?

If Dr. Fakhri believes you might have heart valve disease or a specific type of heart disease that’s causing varicose veins or vascular disease, he might recommend this test. Doctors perform this test to:

  • Evaluate the overall health and functioning of the heart
  • Identify any signs of heart disease
  • Monitor the progress of heart valve disease
  • Evaluate the effects of any treatments performed

What does getting an echocardiogram involve?

The echocardiogram is a painless procedure and involves attaching a set of electrode patches to your chest to monitor heart activity. 

A cardiac sonographer will ask you to remove your clothing from the waist up and lie down on your left side on the exam table. They apply a conductive gel to the chest and then pass the transducer (a wand) around the chest to capture pictures of your heart. 

You might need to hold your breath during the exam for more accurate photos.

What happens after my echocardiogram test?

Dr. Fakhri will be able to review the results of the test immediately after the photos are taken. He can show you any signs of heart valve disease and assess the overall health of your heart. You can get back to your regular activities after the test.

If you think you may need an echocardiogram or want to learn more about this test, contact the office to schedule your appointment. Call now or book online for an appointment at Vein, Heart and Vascular Institute's Tampa, Sun City, or Wesley Chapel location.