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Diagnostic Testing


Diagnostic testing

If you are experiencing possible symptoms of venous insufficiency you may wonder what is wrong with your body. The presentations can be painful and confusing if not properly diagnosed and consequently treated.

Once the initial visual exam is completed your doctor may do all of some of the following depending on your personalized condition:

1. Lab tests (blood draw) - Some patients will present with elevated D-dimer levels. This is indicative of Klippel-Trénaunay-Weber (KTW) syndrome. Knowing the cause of the insufficiency points toward the correct course of treatment.

2. Ultrasonography - This is a Doppler imaging machine which is both specific and very sensitive giving highly accurate readings. It has been deemed highly preferable to contrast venography when it comes to diagnosing deep vein thrombosis.

3. Venography - Magnetic Resonance Venography is used in the assessment of superficial and deep venous disease in the lower legs and pelvic region. These areas not accessible by any other modalities.

4. Venous Plethysmography - is a noninvasive test that has the ability to measure some pathophysiologic mechanisms, which includes obstruction, reflux, and muscle pump dysfunction.

5. Physiologic Venous Function Tests - This test measures the cause and severity. It can test for obstructions and outflow measurement.

6. Ambulatory Venous Pressure Monitoring - This is the standard in assessing the hemodynamics. This test involves the insertion of a needle connected to a pressure transducer into the dorsal foot vein. It has been shown to be valuable in assessing the severity and clinical outcomes.

Once the diagnosis has been made, an accurate road map can be planned out in so far as treatment and recovery. There is never a reason to resign yourself to living a lesser quality of life simply dealing with daily discomfort or pain. A consultation with a Vein Specialist will allow you peace of mind and a good solid diagnosis as a jumping off point to getting yourself back on your feet again.

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