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Hesham Fakhri, MD

Board Certified Cardiologist & Interventional Cardiologist located in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, & Sun City, FL

About Dr. Fakhri


Dr. Hesham Fakhri stands as a distinguished interventional cardiologist, celebrated for his innovative approach to cardiovascular care. As the esteemed owner and founder of the Vein Heart and Vascular Institute in Florida, with offices in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Sun City Community, Dr. Fakhri has solidified his position as a leading figure in interventional cardiology, offering comprehensive services to patients with diverse cardiovascular conditions.

With board certifications in Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease, and a range of other specialties including echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, and vascular and endovascular medicine, Dr. Fakhri epitomizes excellence in his field. Beyond certifications, he is also a registered physician for the interpretation of vascular studies, showcasing his meticulous attention to detail and diagnostic proficiency.

Affiliated with esteemed professional organizations such as the American College of Cardiology, the Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions, and the Heart Rhythm Society of America, Dr. Fakhri demonstrates his commitment to remaining at the forefront of cardiovascular advancements.

At the Vein Heart and Vascular Institute, Dr. Fakhri leads a dedicated team of healthcare professionals devoted to providing personalized and compassionate care to each patient. The clinic offers advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services, including cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, stenting, and other minimally invasive procedures, tailored to address various cardiovascular conditions. Dr. Fakhri and his team employ a comprehensive approach to cardiovascular care, utilizing state-of-the-art, minimally invasive techniques.

With a fervent dedication to improving patient outcomes and quality of life, Dr. Fakhri pursued extensive medical training and education. He completed his medical degree with top honors, followed by rigorous residency training in internal medicine and fellowship training in cardiovascular diseases and interventional cardiology. Dr. Fakhri's commitment to advancing his skills and knowledge has garnered recognition among his peers and patients alike.

Patients consistently laud Dr. Fakhri for his exceptional bedside manner, describing him as approachable, empathetic, and genuinely caring. He takes the time to listen attentively to their concerns, ensuring they feel heard and understood throughout their journey. Many patients express gratitude for Dr. Fakhri's ability to explain complex medical concepts in a clear and understandable manner, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health.

In summary, Dr. Hesham Fakhri, MD, exemplifies the qualities of an exceptional physician: compassionate, skilled, and dedicated to his patients' well-being. Through his unwavering commitment to excellence and personalized care, Dr. Fakhri has earned the trust and gratitude of all those under his care.

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In the News

On October 28th, 2019, Dr. Fakhri performed a radial to peripheral angiogram. Dr Fakhri is the first in the state of Florida to perform a radial to peripheral (R2P) angiogram, angioplasty and placement of the new R2P Misago stent. That's the placement of a stent in the leg through the wrist to reduce patient discomfort, reduce patient length of stay and decrease complications.

Our own HESHAM FAKHRI, MD was featured on a magazine!

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