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What is VenaSeal?

VenaSeal is a new, FDA-approved, minimally-invasive procedure that minimizes the appearance of varicose veins. This procedure is safe and effective and studies have shown patients having consistent, successful outcomes.

Before the procedure, the doctor will take an ultrasound of the patient’s leg to look at the diseased veins. He will mark them on the skin. The patient will then be given an injection of a numbing agent where the doctor will insert a catheter into the veins; the catheter is thinner than a tiny straw. Patients do not feel any pain from this injection, just pressure from the catheter as it’s inserted.

A medical-adhesive agent is inserted into different parts of the diseased vein through the catheter. This adhesive can close off the diseased vein so the blood flow moves into healthy veins. Over a few weeks, the diseased vein will become less visible as it is absorbed by the body.

VenaSeal is a 30-minute procedure. When finished, the doctor will bandage the patient at the catheter site. Patients will leave the office with cleaning and bandage replacement instructions. There is a quick recovery time with this procedure. Patients are able to walk, drive, and return to work the same day. However, each patient is different, and the doctor will give specific recovery instructions for the patient to follow in the following days and weeks.

Patients do not have to wear compression stockings after VenaSeal, unlike many other vein treatments and procedures.

Patients experience minimal discomfort with this procedure and any swelling, pain, achiness, heaviness, or other discomfort felt from the varicose veins will disappear quickly post-treatment. Although the pain may subside quickly, the veins will take several weeks to visibly disappear in the skin.

Following this procedure, there is a chance some of the bulging veins may not disappear. If this occurs, the doctor will recommend you have a microphlebectomy, which the varicose veins are removed from the legs.

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